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  We start getting Groundhog calls in early Spring and they continue on throughout the Summer.  They mate in early April and then produce an average litter of three to five baby groundhogs. Six weeks later these babies are big enough to be out on their own! These guys raid vegetable gardens and burrow under shed, decks and porches. Their burrowing activities can easily undermine foundations as well as create wonderful pre-made homes for skunks! Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC technicians remove numerous groundhogs each year using the best live traps and commercially prepared bait.  



Groundhog eating an apple

Groundhog looking for lunch!

Groundhog leaving the den



  Advanced Wildlife Control, LLC technicians can eliminate your groundhog problem! No pesticides or poisons are ever used. Groundhogs are trapped and relocated and the homeowner will be advised on measures that can be taken to eliminate nuisance animal problems in the future.  

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